September 12-13, 2024

dallas, texas

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Get ready to let new connections take center stage

Hey, you!

Yes, you - the visionary, the dreamer, the game-changer. Wanna be in a room full of folks who are smart, kind and ready to collaborate? Entrepreneurship needs your voice, your ideas, your energy. We're over on the sea of samesies we're all swimming in. At Make Your Mark Live™, we celebrate the differences we all bring to the table and cultivate how we can come together to achieve more.

SO All you have to do is be in the room.

We’re flipping the script on traditional conferences for online entrepreneurs.

Here, every interaction is a chance to shine, share, and skyrocket your business. It's not just about who's on the main stage; it's about recognizing that the entire room is buzzing with potential – including you!

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“I’ve never been around more people who are actually happy I interrupted their conversations.”

Allison, Better Belly Therapies

Meet your Host & Workshop Mentor

Jordan Gill is a self-made millionaire and spirited business strategist known for her vibrant approach to entrepreneurship and her advocacy for rest and balance. She's the mastermind behind the Systems Saved Me® podcast, and her lively events have drawn over 5,000 attendees, fostering a community focused on genuine growth and collaboration.

Jordan's signature strategy? Sparking seven-figure success through smart collaborations, a philosophy at the core of Make Your Mark Live™. Her events are more than networking; they're about creating connections and empowering ambitious entrepreneurs.

Outside the boardroom, Jordan's life is filled with puzzles and adventures with her husband and energetic 10-year-old bonus son. She's not just a business guru; she's a life strategist, redefining success with zest and a hearty dash of fun.

jordan gill
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True success is more than relentless grind; it's about striking that sweet balance and embracing moments of rest. Think of every conversation as a stepping stone to your next big win. Keep your mind agile, your heart open to new partnerships, and don't forget to pause and breathe. You're part of a community here. Together, we're not just striving; we're thriving. So let's go ahead and make our mark, with a smile and a well-earned rest!

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jordan's workshop day #1

Secret Showcase

In this workshop, we're diving into the secrets of success and you're in the spotlight! Every attendee will share their most valuable secret at their table. It could be anything from a brilliant marketing strategy, a life-changing productivity hack, to an innovative business tip. Your peers at the table will then vote to crown the "Best Secret" of the group.

But the excitement doesn't end there! Each table's top secret will be shared with the entire room in a thrilling reveal. Everyone will cast their vote again, this time to select the ultimate winner. And for the grand finale? The owner of the most extraordinary secret wins a fantastic $250 Spa Gift Card. So, come prepared to share your best-kept secret and you might just walk away with more than just new insights!

jordan's workshop day #2

power pitch

In this workshop, we're blending innovation with a dash of friendly competition. It's all about channeling your creativity and strategic prowess to develop the most innovative offer in the room. Here's the fun part: each table will randomly select a type, price point, and industry to base their offer on. With these elements as your canvas, you and your teammates will collaborate to design an offer that's not just compelling, but groundbreaking.

Once your team's masterpiece is ready, the spotlight is yours! Pitch your innovative concept to everyone in the room. The catch? It's the audience's turn to play judge, casting their votes for the offer they find most innovative. The team with the most votes? They'll receive a special surprise for showcasing their exceptional creative synergy. Get ready to think outside the box and collaborate like never before!

Million Dollar Sales Strategies For Small Audiences

dielle charon

Dielle's workshop unveils the secrets behind her million-dollar sales success with a small audience. Discover trauma-informed, part-time sales strategies that propelled her earnings with just a 1k email list. This session breaks down actionable steps, highlights necessary mindset shifts, and explores identity evolution to boost sales efficiently. Dielle demonstrates how strategic planning and focused efforts can achieve remarkable results without expanding your following. Ideal for entrepreneurs seeking significant growth on limited hours, her insights encourage working smarter, leveraging every interaction, and scaling with intention. Join Dielle to learn how to enhance your sales approach, making every small audience interaction count.

Honor Your Roots and Watch Your Business Grow

dama jue

Dama's journey from a 'nothing gets wasted' household has shaped her into a resourceful entrepreneur, applying the 'squeeze every last drop' philosophy from her Mexican heritage not just to limes but to her business. Growing up on food stamps and budget-friendly clothes from Kmart, she learned early the value of making the most of every opportunity and resource. This principle of maximizing utility has turned her business into a highly profitable venture, debunking the 'scarcity mindset' criticism with her knack for unlocking the full potential of every tool at her disposal. Dama's story is a testament to how cultural values can translate into business acumen, inspiring attendees to explore the unexpected strengths inherited from their own backgrounds.

Meet Our Diverse Line-Up of Change-Makers

our 2024 keynote speakers

Cultivating Supercharged Collabs in 2024 and Beyond

taRYn rachelle

Taryn's path from single motherhood to entrepreneurial success is a story of resilience, community, and self-belief. Facing personal losses and challenges, she chose to embody the person she aspired to be, leveraging community support and systematic approaches to life and business. Her anti-fluff, inspiration-driven message emphasizes the inherent confidence within and the transformative power of being in a room that reflects and amplifies your inner strength. Taryn is ready to inspire attendees to embrace their true selves and pursue their dreams with unwavering confidence.

Resilience is Your Biggest Asset For The Next Level

kelly ruta

Kelly is on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs with an inner operating system that complements the external structures of their businesses. With a belief in the economic and energetic power of women, Kelly's coaching focuses on building resilience, confidence, and other internal skills necessary for overcoming personal and professional challenges. Her personal journey through trauma underscores her message that past experiences do not define us, advocating for collaborative growth and the importance of inner work for business success.

Dr. Julia introduces 15-minute flow sessions to kickstart your days at the event with alignment and openness. These sessions are designed to help you align your energy, clarify your goals, and celebrate your strengths, setting the stage for a productive and joyful business and life. Without selling anything but empowerment, Dr. Julia aims to equip attendees with tools for finding their flow, emphasizing ease, joy, and divinity in leadership and life.

Meet Our Morning Flow Session Facilitator

dr. julia colangelo

Start In Flow: 15 Minutes to Shift Into Your Best Self

Our Partners

september 11, 2024

the welcome party

Join us on September 11th, from 7 to 9 pm, for an unforgettable welcome party to kick off Make Your Mark Live™! We're setting the stage for connection and celebration with an enticing array of cocktails, mocktails, and delectable desserts. This is your perfect opportunity to mingle, meet new faces, and forge friendships that will enrich your conference experience from Day 1. Let's raise a glass to the start of a transformative journey together!

People who don't just talk business but live and breathe it with a passion that's contagious. Get ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even shed a tear or two (the good kind, I promise)

Picture this: a room filled with the most vibrant, energetic, & creative minds.

a room filled with the most vibrant, energetic, & creative minds.

COLLABoRATION is our jam

Picture this:

general admission ticket

  • 2 Days of All Event Sessions
  • Welcome Event to Connect + Collaborate
  • Shuttles to and from The Statler hotel and venue
  • Lunch + snacks included for both days

2 Days of All Event Sessions

Welcome Event to Connect + Collaborate

Shuttles to and from the Hall of Arts hotel and venue

Lunch included for both days

vip access ticket

  • 2 Days of All Event Sessions
  • Welcome Event to Connect + Collaborate
  • Shuttles to and from The Statler hotel and venue
  • Lunch + snack both days
  • Breakfast both days
  • First dibs on secured sponsorship opportunities
  • 10 Minute spot to speak on stage
  • Full video, vertical b-roll and images of your talk
  • Dinner with all speakers on Thursday Sept 12 after Day 1

2 Days of All Event Sessions

Welcome Event to Connect + Collaborate

Shuttles to and from the Hall of Arts hotel and venue

Lunch both days

Breakfast both days

First dibs on secured sponsorship opportunities

10 Minute spot to speak on stage

Full video, vertical b-roll and images of your talk

Dinner with all speakers on Thursday Sept 12 after Day 1

87 TICKETS left


Come Make Your Mark on Dallas

Dallas, the vibrant heart of Texas and Jordan Gill's home base, presents the ideal backdrop for Make Your Mark Live™.

Known for its dynamic blend of modernity and tradition, Dallas offers a rich tapestry of culture, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. It's a city where big dreams are nurtured and opportunities abound, making it a perfect fit for an event centered on empowerment and connection.

The Hickory Street Annex, our chosen venue, is a gem in Dallas's crown. With its unique blend of industrial chic and rustic charm, it provides an inspiring and versatile space for our event. It's the kind of place that fuels creativity and collaboration

Our Chic Venue

Hickory Street Annex

For accommodation, The Statler Hotel stands out as an excellent choice. It's not just about comfort and luxury; it's about experiencing the essence of Dallas hospitality. Conveniently located 6 minutes from the venue and exuding elegance, it's the ideal place to relax, network, and reflect on the day's learnings and experiences.

Your Comfortable Stay

The Statler Hotel

It's not your average conference; it's a celebration of growth, ideas, and connections tailored just for movers and shakers like you.

Caught you! While you might have breezed through the details, here's something you won't want to miss.

While you might have breezed through the details, here's something you won't want to miss.

hey there, quick scroller

Caught you!

Are you an online entrepreneur, creative. consultant, course creator, or a vibrant go-getter in the digital world? ARE YOU YEARNING FOR CONNECTIONS THAT GO BEYOND LINKEDIN REQUESTS?

if that's a resounding yes, then Make Your Mark Live™ is your kind of party.

Join us at Make Your Mark Live™, and dive into an ocean of folks who speak your language.

It's a place where "collaboration" is the secret sauce in every conversation. Looking to widen your circle, spark new ideas, or just need a dash of inspiration to kick things into high gear?

We've got all that and a bag of chips!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this conference for?

This conference is for business owners who have been in business 4+ years in business and have an online component to their business.

What’s the scoop on travel/flights/shuttles?

We suggest flying into Dallas Love Field OR DFW airport. There will be a shuttle from the recommended hotel to and from the venue. If you decide to stay somewhere else, you can Uber or Lyft around anywhere.

Will there be a hotel room block?

We do not have an official hotel room block; however, we suggest staying at The Statler Hotel where we will shuttle you to and from the venue free of charge.

Are any meals included in the price?

Lunch is included for both tickets. Breakfast is also included for our VIPs plus one dinner.

What if I have food allergies?

Please let us know so we can accommodate your meals and snacks! Just email

What’s the difference between general admission and VIP?

The biggest difference between general admission and VIP is that VIPs have more meals with their ticket as well as a 10 minute speaking spot on stage.

What are the dates and times for the event?

We have our Welcome Party on September 11 from 7-9pm. Then we have our two day event on September 12-13 doors open at 9am and end at 5pm.

Is there a virtual ticket?

Since we have a lot of interactive elements, we are not offering a virtual ticket.

Can I get access to the replays?

Not at this time. We are filming the event for our speakers, but again since we have a large interactive element, the benefits are in the room.

What should I wear/bring?

We are here for you to be comfortable. If you’re a sparkly dress kinda gal, come on in. If you want to wear joggers and sneaks, you’re more than welcome.

How can I find someone to room with?

We will do a Roomie connect opportunity if we see a need from our attendees.

Are tickets non-refundable?

We do not offer refunds at this time.

Is there a group rate if I want to purchase more than 1 ticket?

If you want to buy more than 2 tickets, then yes we can discuss a group rate.


Please email us at and we will answer any questions you may have!

Swap that scrolling finger for a high-five and reserve your spot at the most happening entrepreneurial bash this side of the digital divide. Trust us, it's the one event this year you'll be glad you didn't skim past.

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